Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Buying Guide

Hardwood FloorCongratulations! You finally got that gorgeous wood flooring you’ve always wanted! The natural warmth, the beautiful color, the shine … it makes the cost and time all worth it. To keep your floor looking its best for many years to come, you’re going to want the best vacuum for hardwood floors without having to pay a ridiculous price for it.

Manual sweeping is important, but a cleaning machine has the power to remove tiny particles, dust and hair that sweeping leaves behind. This is so important, because feet walking over dust and grit will scratch and dull your floor’s surface, and dirty seams are more likely to crack.

You should know that the vacuum cleaner you currently have in your closet might not be the best hardwood floor vacuum. Most cleaners on the market are designed with carpet cleaning in mind, not hard-floor cleaning. In fact, some could actually damage your floor, so make sure to check out the guide on finding the best hardwood floor vacuum at Homestadna first if you are unsure of anything.

Best & Worst Features For Hardwood Vacuums

Vacuuming Hardwood FloorProbably the worst feature you could have for hardwood cleaning is a beater brush. Take some time to analyze the vacuum head: If you see a round rotator brush with hard, stiff bristles, that’s a beater brush. It’s designed to dig into carpet fibers to sweep up fur and hair.

If you use it on hardwood flooring, you might as well be scrubbing your floor with steel wool. Don’t use a cleaner with a beater brush! It’s way too harsh. Save that for your carpet. If your cleaner passes that test, consider this: Is it an upright or a canister model?

What’s the difference, you ask?

  • An upright model is all one unit, and you push the entire unit along the floor. A canister, on the other hand, has the motor in a separate unit that’s rolled or carried; you manually use a hose with attachments.
  • A canister unit may be preferable because they tend to be lighter than upright models. An upright model, because it’s heavier, is more fatiguing, and the extra weight can scuff and mar your floor’s finish, especially if it’s hard to maneuver.

Regardless of the model, a good vacuum cleaner for wood flooring should always have protective padding, and rubber wheels to protect your floor against accidental scratching. Along with your regular cleaning unit, you might also want to consider obtaining a simple handheld model for smaller jobs like spilled cereal, or stray kitty litter.

Most Popular Vacuums For Hardwood

A great way to evaluate your options is by simply checking out real customer reviews and feedback from large online retail sites like… and there are a LOT of options to choose from! To get you started in the right direction, here are the best hardwood floor vacuums currently available:

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1. Miele S6270 Quartz


Miele S6270 Quartz

Just like the Electrolux UltraSilencer, the Miele S6270 canister vacuum cleaner is also lightweight, and extremely quiet, without sacrificing its suction power.

This vacuum is highly praised for it’s utilitarian features which include:

  • Multilayer filtration system – This filtration system captures even minute particles by allowing air to pass through a high filtration Air Clean bag and a secondary electrostatic filter.
  • Air Clean dust bag – With the Air Clean dust bag, the Miele S6270 is able to retain and lock in even more particles and tiny allergens.
  • Air Clean sealed system – This system allows air to flow directly from the hose nozzle right into the dust bag making the job of picking up dust and pet hairs super simple and efficient.
  • Optional high efficiency filters – Perfect for those with dust-induced allergies. These specialized filters with thick layers of activated charcoal help to trap allergens and unpleasant odors so you don’t have to deal with them.

If you’re looking to buy the best vacuum for hardwood floors, and need a machine that’s highly efficient and moderately priced, then you must consider the Miele S6270.


2. Miele Olympus S2121


Miele Olympus S2121

This model is among the Cadillac of best vacuum cleaners, and it consistently ranks in the top amongst hardwood owners. The unit is light and mounted on casters, so it can roll in any direction. The rotating head on the nozzle enables you to clean in tight places, including under furniture.

The Miele Olympus S2121 is a power-packed cleaning machine with a 1,200 watt motor, and a sleek, lightweight design.

It comes with a large variety of cleaning tools designed to help clean wood floors, area rugs, furniture, and even ceiling fans.


3. Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A


Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A Canister Vacuum

Another higher-end model, and as the name implies, this unit is extremely quiet, with one reviewer claiming that talking on the phone while vacuuming was not even a problem.

According to reviews, it’s also very effective for cleaning up pet hairs on hardwood floors.

The Electrolux Ultrasilencer EL6986A is the perfect balance between raw power and mobility, without all the noise, thanks to the incredible sound dampening technology.

The suction power is perfect for hardwood and lighter carpets. It even comes with a switch that allows you to choose between high power or low noise.


4. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor, 81L2T


BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T

This economically-priced unit wins raves for its power, lack of scratching bristles, swiveling head and the thorough job it does picking up pet hair.

If you have both hardwood floors and pets, this cleaning machine is the perfect pick.

The BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T is extremely light-weight, and unlike most other stick cleaners, it’s actually easy to maneuver around and doesn’t clog up that easily.

The most impressive thing about this vacuum is probably the 3 outstanding features that you won’t find in most other vacuums:


5. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite


Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite

This model lists at at a slightly heftier price, but can be found for far less from retailers like Amazon. It’s compact, lightweight and has a variety of hose attachments for your hardwood floors as well as walls and upholstery.

One big misconception that seems to be floating around is that all powerful vacuums are suppose to be heavy and hard to maneuver around.

This isn’t the case at all.

The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and still provides all the power you would expect from a powerful vacuum.

Also, if you do end up purchasing a hardwood floor vacuum, consider taking a bit of time to share your own experiences. This is can help others who are also trying to find the best vacuum cleaner for their home!

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