Are Upright Vacuums Better Than Canisters For Wood Flooring?

Wood FlooringPurchasing a vacuum cleaner is more sophisticated than using it.

Before you buy one, you should ask yourselves several questions that will help you pick out the best cleaner to fit your needs.

Here is a list of some of the most basic yet significant questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you need a residential or a commercial cleaner?
  2. Do you prefer an upright, canister or stick model?
  3. Are allergies a concern to you or other people in your household?
  4. Do you prefer a bagged or a bag less?
  5. Do you need a wet or a dry vacuum?

Both upright and canister models have their pros and cons. Here is a comparison listing the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Let’s Start by Talking About Uprights


A large number of upright vacuums transition between a static suction for bare floors, and a beater head for carpets fitted with a simple foot switch. This factor makes it easier to move by fewer attachments to keep track of for owners.

In addition, most upright cleaners work much better on carpets than their counterpart.

It’s also a lot easier to empty an upright, no matter it’s a bagged or bag less mode. This is especially true if you have difficulties bending over. In addition, you do not have to frequently replace the bag since it usually holds more.


It is harder to reach into tight spaces using upright cleaners. While most of them have extended hoses, they are typically as long as the canister’s wand. The upright version also tends to be harder to carry up and down stairs due to its weight.

Canister Vacuums


Canister vacuums are much easier to maneuver. They are designed to reach under far and low sitting furniture such as couches and coffee tables. They also have a flexible hose that lets you clean tall furniture like bookcases.

They tend to be compact and lightweight making them a much better choice for homes with many of stairs. Since they are smaller than uprights, they are easier to store since take up less storage space. Most of them today have come with retractable cords which imply that you do not have to wind the power cord manually.


It is hard to push than an upright. Most of them include separate heads for wood and carpeting, which demands a manual change as you transit from one surface to the other. They are usually a bit more expensive than uprights too.

When deciding on the best vacuum for hardwood floors, you have to consider the way you’re going to be using it. If you plan on carrying the cleaner up and down flights of stairs; a canister may be a better choice. How much storage space do you have? How many attachments do you need and what kind of debris do you need to contend with on a daily basis? Considering these factors will help you purchase the best cleaner for your home floor.

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