Best Handheld For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood FloorIn this article, we are going to talk about how to find the best handheld vacuum for hardwood. Hardwood flooring is great when perfectly polished and cleansed. However attaining that level of sheen and cleansing is not possible without a good hardwood vacuum.

The vacuum needs to provide enough power to suck out dust balls and pet hair however should also have the finesse in working around the nooks and corners of the house. With a good equipment in your hand, however, you can find that the job of keeping your floors neat is a very easy job. And today we are going to talk all about the .

1. Why do I need best handheld vacuum?

Hardwood floors are pretty much similar to a luxury car in the sense that they will make you look good only if you treat them with proper respect. Hardwood is generally elegant and durable but can also become a nightmare if it’s not properly cared for.

2. What to choose from and how to do it?

While choosing hardwood floor vacuum cleaners, steer clear of reviews which are very much opinionated. Many people have different types of hardwood installed in their homes so its only possible to have a rough estimate on whether a cleaner will do the trick or not. It is always best to read up on blogs which have expertise in such niches.

Canister Vacuums seems like a good option when you consider the weight and power of a handheld. However, canisters usually lack the mobility, versatility, and finesse of handheld. Also, handheld cleaners are great for providing a touch up before the guests arrive, and they also help out in cleaning the nooks and corners effectively.

3. What are the specific options i should look out for?

Dyson is a brand which can provide you with some great options. However, there are some critics who claim that Dyson is getting pretty much over the top nowadays because of some of their prices. Some models even cost over $250 making them pretty much useless if you don’t have pets and a crowded home.

The Black and Decker Pivot is a great choice if you’re looking for great portability, maneuverability and attachments at a great price. Power provided by the motor is good enough (35 Air Watts) to pick up all kinds of dust and dirt. A smaller motor also means you can run it longer in a single charge.

If you want a practical cleaner then you must check out the Hoover Linx Cordless cleaner. With a 18 volt battery the Hoover is promising you with enough power to run for a quick clean up without you having to stick around a cord or a charger every time. The cleaner can also take care of carpeted area in a neat fashion and thus comes in pretty handy, considering its size and performance ratio.

With all that being said, the Dyson DC34 is the perfect choice if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for newer technology. This portable cleaner provides a whole load of power with enough maneuverability. It’s capable of clearing out floors, carpets and furniture in no time at all. It is also best for people who have dust allergies, or asthma problems, as the bag can catch particles with as low as 0.5 micron size.

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