Best Type of Wood Floors to Install

Wooden floors are considered traditional, but they provide great glamor for your home. They are usually long lasting and add a lot of value. It can be a bit more expensive to install compared to other kinds of flooring, but the payoff tends to be worth it.

Oak is the most commonly used for this purpose because of its durability. They come in different types, species and finishes.

Wood floors are basically classified under two categories: engineered and solid hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is constructed from laminating or gluing three to five layers of wood; then, a top layer is added for finishing. It’s relatively cheap, and has high temperature and moisture stability. However, hardwood is usually the preferred option. It’s made from solid wood and can endure much more than engineered wood.

Why it’s The Superior Option

Hardwood has the ability to be sanded and refinished several times unlike engineered. It is durable and hence a great investment that adds value to your home.

Depending on the way it’s installed, it’s also easier to repair than laminate. You can easily find replacement even if the specific type has been discontinued.

It is also considered the more attractive option for most people. It can create both a traditional and non-traditional home furnish. There are also different types that you can choose from.



This is the more common type that most homes use. It’s already stained, coated, polished out, and ready for installation right after you buy it.

Unfinished Flooring

This allows you to color, stain, and polish to your desired quality depending on your personal taste. These furnishings are done before installation and allows you to choose the pattern as well as color.

On-site Flooring

With this flooring type, you do the finish after it is installed.

Parquet Flooring

With parquet flooring, pieces of wood are constructed to form a type of design. Upon installation, you will have a geometric design ready.


Hardwood installation can be quite a demanding task. The best way to install it is to find out about the type of subfloor you have.

For concrete, you can install a glued or floating floor.

You can install a floating floor, and staple it down or nail it. You can do floating installation for yourself since it requires minimal work.

The biggest challenge with hardwood is that it changes shape and color after its construction due to the environmental conditions. It darkens depending on the wood species used. It also requires higher maintenance compared to laminate. However, hardwood still remains the “best” type. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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