Best Ways to Maintain Wood Flooring

Wooden floors are fascinating to see in houses especially when they are clean. They add a classic touch to any house and they even add the value in your house especially when the best fitting hardwood flooring is used.

Keep in mind though that they are prone to things such as disfiguring or warping if they are not maintained correctly. Leaks and spills have to be taken care of immediately, and it’s vital to know know the proper ways to maintain these wooden floors.

Here are some of the things that you need to know in order to attain the best touch out of your hardwood flooring:

1. Know The Finish

Wooden flooring can have different finishes, and thus there are different ways to clean them. For instance, if your house has flooring which has a polyurethane or urethane surface sealed finish, it makes it much easier to clean. The finish on these surfaces provides a thin, protective and plastic layer, which keeps the flooring water-proof, dirt-proof, and stain-proof.

Any other kind of finish like oil-treated, varnished, lacquered or even untreated floors has in general the same properties as well as cleaning requirements.

2. Use The Right Cleaner For Your Floor Type

Cleaning wooden flooring very is easy especially when you establish the best type of finish you need. As I have mentioned before, surface-sealing floors are relatively water and stain resistant, hence It is easy to clean them. Sweep them with a broom, followed by moping with a water and soap solution.

For many of the other types of flooring, there exists a wide variety of hardwood floor cleaners in the market (this is also true for hardwood floor vacuum cleaners). Some can simply be sprayed onto the floor while others come in liquid form, which needs to be applied using a cloth mop.

For oil treated floors, you can achieve protection from water and stains by using wax that come in paste or liquid form.

3. Avoid Water And Moisture in General

You might think that the best way to clean hardwood floors is by mopping them with soap and a water solution. But, you actually need to avoid cleaning wooden floors with water-based cleaners whenever you can. Wood floors absorb water into them, and when this happens, the floor begins to swell, and later expand. This results in warping, splinters, and cracks in the wood, which may require a complete replacement in some cases.

Once you spill water onto your wood floor, do not hesitate to wipe it up immediately. This will help prevent permanent damage in the long run.

4. Buff and Sweep Your Floor on Regular Basis

While sweeping your floor to remove dirt and dust, use brooms that have fine and soft bristles. Always keep dirt away because they can abrade the top later of your wood flooring.

5. Use Entryway Mats or Rugs

This is an elegant and simple way to keep dirt and dust out of your house. These mats serve a double purpose since they can be decorative. When your guests enter the house, they may rub their shoes against the mat, thus the dirt and dust on their shoes cling to the mat and is left there.

Understanding the perfect ways to maintain your hardwood floor will actually go a long way for you and your home. Take the proper precautions and keep your hardwood floor looking new for years to come!

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