BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review

I got a little fed up with my previous vacuum cleaner when I chanced upon the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Hard Floor Vacuum. Although I was hesitant at first, buying it has become one of the best decisions I have ever made and it’s proven to be a very efficient household tool, especially in cleaning out dirt and debris around the house.

My old cleaner was frustrating and always blew away the grime with its exhaust, which scattered the debris even more.

What’s so Special?

For starters, this machine is extremely lightweight, so I don’t have to exert so much effort on my arms when I’m using it. Furthermore, unlike some other stick models, it can actually be maneuvered with ease and does not clog easily.

BISSELL Power Edge 81L2T

What impressed me most are three of its outstanding features that you won’t find in most other vacuums:

  • PowerEdge Pet Technology – This is a very helpful feature for me because we have 3 pet dogs at home, which means dog hair is sporadically strewn all over the house. With my previous cleaner, I have difficulty reaching the nook and corners of my home, especially on the furniture edges and legs as well as on the rugs. But with these special wipers, I can easily eliminate hair from hard to reach places. This fantastic feature has allowed me to collect pet hair faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Advance Suction Technology – With the unique and innovative V-shape suction technology, I can collect debris from my hard floor with ease. I direct bigger debris into the center of the suction path, and the smaller debris towards the end of the V suction port. The PowerEdge 81L2T easily swivels on the floor in any direction, and because it is so lightweight, it’s super easy to maneuver. It literally picks up all kinds of litters off your floor, even smaller objects like toenail clippings and fine dirt.
  • EasyEmpty Cup – After vacuuming my floors, I really detest the job of cleaning up a vacuum cleaner. My previous cleaner almost always caused some kind of mess when I emptied out its compartments. But with the EasyEmpty dirt cup of the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning up has been a breeze.

The Low Down

Although I find it to be a fantastic household tool, I have noticed a few minor issues, especially with its cord. I find the cord too short and often have to move from power outlet to power outlet while cleaning the larger areas. Furthermore, it has no provision for hose attachments. Despite the ease and convenience provided by its innovative suction ends, there are some crevices in the house that can only be accessed with a hose, so it would have been more helpful if it had a provision for attaching such a hose.

Overall, this vacuum will give you way more value than what you pay for. It’s a convenient, powerful cleaning tool that every household needs to have. In fact, when it comes to value, it’s definitely one of the best vacuums for hardwood that we’ve had the privilege to review.