What Wood Floor is Best For Pets?

Can you even remember how your wood floor looked like when it was still new, before you let your dog in? Let me remind you. It was shiny, clean, welcoming. If you’re used to letting your companion in the house, chances are that your floor will begin showing quite a few signs of a fight, […]

What are the Best Upright Vacuums for Wood Flooring?

Contrary to popular belief, not every upright vacuum is ideal for wood flooring. Standard uprights pose several key problems. First, the fast spinning brush is designed to “comb” through carpet fibers and sweep debris into the vacuum but on hardwood floors the brush simply pushes the dirt and dust around and up into the air. […]

Tips on How to Make Wood Floors Shiny Again

Wood floors not only add a feeling of warmth to your home, but also a touch of elegance and style. Besides, hardwood is really the best you can have for your home. But just like any other part of your home, hardwood will eventually wear out and start looking dull. Homeowners usually try to cover […]

Tips For Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors will add a nice touch to your home. Many people like to use hardwood since they are durable and can add natural beauty that matches almost any type of decor. It can also keep its normal texture as well as its color after a long period of time. However, the way you vacuum […]

Simple Tricks to Remove Scratches from Wood Floor

I have lived in old houses with hardwood all my life. They exude a warm and homey feel that relaxes me at the end of the day. However, wood floors need constant care. Kids, pets and furniture can cause scratches and groove marks that are unsightly. You can hire a professional refinisher, but they charge […]

Is it Better to Vacuum or Sweep a Hardwood Floor?

Keeping your home completely clean is a task that requires effort, time and absolute dedication. You have to consider carefully whether a broom or vacuum cleaner will suit your needs best. There are many aspects that can easily influence you to choose the second option, as your task will be simplified a great deal when […]

Best Ways to Maintain Wood Flooring

Wooden floors are fascinating to see in houses especially when they are clean. They add a classic touch to any house and they even add the value in your house especially when the best fitting hardwood flooring is used. Keep in mind though that they are prone to things such as disfiguring or warping if […]

Best Ways to Clean Wood Floors Naturally

Cleaning wood floors is a simple job, provided you have a good hardwood vacuum and the time to vacuum regularly. But, if you allow dirt, grease, stain, or grit, to gather over time, then it can become arduous, painstaking task because you can’t simply “wash off” like you do with tile. General Cleaning of Wood […]

Best Ways to Care for Floating Hardwood Floors

Floating hardwood floors are known for their durability with manufacturers offering 25 years of more for warranty. However, their long life is only possible if you know how to care for them properly. If you have floating floors or considering getting one, here are some tips on how to make them last. Use Recommended Cleaner […]

Best Type of Wood Floors to Install

Wooden floors are considered traditional, but they provide great glamor for your home. They are usually long lasting and add a lot of value. It can be a bit more expensive to install compared to other kinds of flooring, but the payoff tends to be worth it. Oak is the most commonly used for this […]