Tips For Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors will add a nice touch to your home. Many people like to use hardwood since they are durable and can add natural beauty that matches almost any type of decor. It can also keep its normal texture as well as its color after a long period of time.

However, the way you vacuum matters a lot when it comes to hardwood, especially when it involves stairs. Before you get started, you want to make sure you have a good hardwood floor cleaner for the job. You can use either a canister or an upright depending on your preference.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Vacuum hardwood stairs using a canister cleaner

  • Locate any electrical outlet close to the stairwell. It’s okay to use an extension cord if your cord is unable to reach the power outlet.
  • Attach the nozzle to your canister hose. The attachment is straight with a relative angled tip in order to get into crevices and corners easily. Canister cleaners usually come with special accessories designed for cleaning stairs. If not, you should be able to buy it separately. Check the manufacturer’s manual for more information.
  • Always start at the top most stairs and clean all the corners/edges. Wedge the nozzles into the corner and drag it from the front side of each stair to the rear edge of each corner.
  • Work down the stairs until you reach the bottom; remove the small nozzle and use the regular beater brush accessory.
  • Vacuum backwards up the stairs, running the wide accessory across the length and width of each stair. Turn the attachment such that it is faces outwards, and clean the place between the stairs. Repeat the process until when you arrive at the top again.

2. Using an upright cleaner

  • Plug your vacuum into a power socket at any point near the stairs. If it has any adjustable settings, adjust it accordingly.
  • Attach any hose attachment and place the bottom of the cleaner on the preceding stair just from the top. Since you are cleaning down stairs, you cleaner will be placed upright position on the stair just beneath the stair you intent to clean. This helps to keep both you and your vacuum in a balanced position.
  • Use the provided hose attachments and the smallest relative nozzle to clean stairs just the way you would do with a canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Adjust the base section of the cleaner at the corners of each stair with the bottom facing away from you. Remember to stand at the stair just preceding the one you wish to clean. Drag the base towards you in a systematic manner; from the back side to the front side of the stair. Repeat this process for every step, as you make your way all down the staircase.

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