What are the Best Upright Vacuums for Wood Flooring?

Contrary to popular belief, not every upright vacuum is ideal for wood flooring. Standard uprights pose several key problems.

First, the fast spinning brush is designed to “comb” through carpet fibers and sweep debris into the vacuum but on hardwood floors the brush simply pushes the dirt and dust around and up into the air.

Second, the course bristles of brushes can leave light scratches all over your hardwood floor which, over time, diminishes the luster and eloquent appearance of the flooring. With so many models on the market today it can be difficult to find the best upright vacuums which is why I have created a list of the top three choices for every budget and need.

Good: The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik All-in-One

If you are on a budget but need a powerful vacuum for wood flooring or low-pile carpet then the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik All-in-One is your best choice. This unit can be used as a stick, utility, or a handheld vacuum. It is designed to be very lightweight which makes it ideal for anyone especially if you have to move it up and down stairs to reach other areas of your home. The head is close to the floor which allows it to easily pick up allergens, dust and dirt on any flat surface. You will also find an attached crevice tool for easy cleaning of corners, around furniture, along baseboards and upholstery.

Better: The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum is also affordably priced under $100.00 and offers up a unique head design specifically designed for use on hardwood flooring. The head of this unit has a V-shape which assists in funneling debris into the center for maximum pick up.

With traditional uprights, there is the problem of dirt expanding outwards and requiring additional passes to completely suck it up; this design prevents that. Additionally, the rubber “lips” attached to the head keep debris under the machine so that it can be picked up by the suction. The lips hug hardwood flooring for a pristine clean that is not found with other models.

This unit is also bagless and lightweight making it perfect for people with allergies or who need to consistently move to different floors or rooms to clean. Finally, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum has a swiveling head which allows you to easily maneuver around furniture legs, area rugs and doorways without missing a spot.

Best: The Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away

Shark brand products are known for their quality. The original hardwood floor steam mop from the company continues to be one of the top selling homecare items to date.

The Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away is another top-notch product from the manufacturer.

This unit contains patent-pending technology that offers consistent suction no matter how full the basin is. In addition to powerful suction on everything from thick carpet to hardwood flooring, the professional model also features a bare floor tool with reusable microfiber cloths. The trademarked Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology guarantees to trap 99.9% of allergens. Additional features of this model are:

  • On/Off Switch for Roller Brush
  • Power Brush for Pet Hair
  • Large Capacity Basin
  • Super Stretch Hose
  • Swivel Neck for Easy Maneuverability

These are only 3 of the best upright vacuum cleaners available. Whether you are looking for an affordable solution like the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik or a long-term investment like the Shark Navigator, you will be satisfied with the performance and quality of these machines.

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