What Wood Floor is Best For Pets?

Can you even remember how your wood floor looked like when it was still new, before you let your dog in? Let me remind you. It was shiny, clean, welcoming.

If you’re used to letting your companion in the house, chances are that your floor will begin showing quite a few signs of a fight, like dents, scratches, and stains. Some of you may have a small tolerance for mildew or mold, making a carpet simply unbearable. This leaves you with only one choice.

Wood floors are easy to maintain, they are clean, and they give your house a tidy look. How well they will resist under your pet’s paws depends on the wood itself and on the quality of the finish. So if you’re not certain what type of wood to choose in order to best accommodate your pets, you might want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type.


Hardwood is probably the most popular type of flooring. They are light and easy to maintain. But some are more resistant than others.

Pine floors turn yellow and wear fast. Pine wood is very soft, which means it dents and scratches very easily. You might consider a polyurethane seal, which will bring extra protection against minor scratches and urine stains. If choose pine, you may want to keep your pet’s nails trimmed at all times.

Brazilian hardwood, made from Brazilian walnut, also known as Ipe, are highly resistant and durable. The wood is extremely hard and is often used for exterior decks, meaning that it will surely resists under your buddy’s paws.

Hard maple should not be mistaken for regular maple. Hard maple is extremely resistant, it is often used for basketball courts, meaning that it can deal with high traffic pretty well. Look for pre-finished flooring, which are factory impregnated with layers of highly-resistant finish.

Oak is another very common option, they easily blend with any type of home, and everyone known that oak is one of the hardest woods out there. They are highly resistant and durable, but you might consider hiring the best professionals to install it and apply a high-quality finish that will protect it accordingly.


Cork flooring is non allergenic, simple to keep maintained, and offer a comfortable look and feeling to your house. Just make sure you don’t use them for the entryway, where they will deteriorate fast due to moisture, dirt from shoes, and high traffic. Make sure you choose a high-quality and durable finish that will keep it well protected.


Bamboo is harder than pine and oak. This means that they have a greater tolerance to scratches. However, they are not indestructible and will show signs of wear after a few years.

Laminate and Vinyl Plank

If all the above seem like too much of a bother to take care of, there’s always the other option: laminate flooring. They look like hardwood, but are much more resistant. Another option, which will give a more authentic look, is the vinyl plank floor, which is very quiet when it comes to nails clacking, and it shows no scratch marks in time. Avoid engineered wood floors at all costs, which are laminated floors with a thin layer of hardwood atop.

Some may say that pets and wood floors simply don’t belong together. But even if the wood does show signs of wear in time, it will still look good. It is only natural for it to gain a certain patina, which will give it an original look and, most importantly, will always remind you of your little scapegrace who as if the living room is his very own playground.

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